Sitemap - 2023 - The Fun Writing Project

The truth about endings and adding error/fun bars to your beginnings

Merry Christmas! Gift subscriptions for people who need it

The Morality Tale for the Modern Age

Why you need trust as a foundation in your writing practice

Your commute could be so much more...

Are you writing 'enough'? Why you should stop assessing your work on someone else's subjective criteria for 'good' art

Music is magic: writing prompt

Why is starting always so hard?

What I've discovered doing 30 days of writing flash fiction

Dafinations: It’s all made up

Let's go on a treasure hunt

The gift of encouragement: why I set up the Oxford Flash Fiction Prize

When life keeps throwing things at you...

Ignite your writing this November with me!

Bring your superstitions to life

My Top 10 Rom Coms I Will Lie About Loving

See the error of your ways

Sorry guys, this week I made a lot of writing m*stakes, and I'm sure it won't be the last

Prompt: The Olive Branch

Dear Journal Junkie, make more than just room for the things you love

Prompt: Do not stop, not even once

Competing to lose writing prompt

Breaking boundaries to create conflict - writing prompt

On Rejection: Freya J. Morris

A holiday disaster writing prompt

Hold that thought - searching for character philosophies

Prompt: Hanging by a thread

How to get back on the wagon

All the worst things you've ever been given prompt

Finding the Magical in the Mundane

Fishing for a good line

Just a little something to say...

Prompt: Using the 'How to...' for inspiration

Change jade-coloured glasses for rose

Just a love machine: writing prompt

Flash fiction deep dive: Write your best title yet

The Trojan horse prompt: Don't look a gift horse in the mouth

Going 'analogue' for art: Choose the scenic route and return to pen & paper

Stealing from the people you know

Embracing embarrassment: Breathe Life into Fiction

Your free copy of 'This is (not about) David Bowie

Why you should rise and write: Prioritising your needs and harnessing morning motivation

Your story is a gift

But words can never hurt me

Zero gravity prompt

Unveiling the Beauty of Imperfection: Learning to embrace flaws in the creative process

Inventing extreme sports that don't exist

Conquering the Holiday Challenge: Overcoming the stumbling block of a pause in writing

A birthday challenge if you choose to accept it

May 4th be with you: Substack Notes to replace Tweets?

Create exciting titles: Have I got news for you prompt

Dear Freya: Stop prioritising everybody else's writing before your own

How to invent unique hobbies for your characters

Why you should do the things that scare you

Writing from another planet...

How to write better character descriptions

'Do your worst' writing warm up

Create a prank for April fools day

Does hard work work? Or are you trying too hard?

How to invent nicknames for your characters

Let's get idiotic for Mothers Day

Spring: loading... The art of starting again

Prompt: Be inspired by award-winning stories from the Oxford Flash Fiction Prize winners

Behind the curtains of the Oxford Flash Fiction Prize

Flash fiction deep dive: Asshole Dolphin

Write with the Welsh: Celebrate St David's day!

Top tip if you are in a writing slump

Let's strike!!

Have fun creating your own audiobook

Make a flash fiction pancake

Valentine's Day: An indecent proposal

Have I got news for you

The Imitation game

What could possibly go wrong?

The biggest myth when it comes to creating

Sing the Blue(s) Monday

Finding your FUNdamentals

Wicked New Year resolutions for the villain in your life

The must-have writing New Years resolution for a great 2023